St. Margaret School Library Luncheon
Celebrates 41th Year
The annual St. Margaret's 41st Library Luncheon fundraising event at Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel at the end of April 2023 was truly extraordinary. It gathered over 420 Tartans for a joyful celebration of friendship and generosity. The event, aptly themed "Kaleidoscope: Reflections of a Vibrant World," paid tribute to the diverse St. Margaret's community. The tables were exquisitely adorned with imaginative design elements that beautifully represented both the theme and the literary works that unite a diverse world.
Kate Flowers LA designed a table in an enchanting Egyptian style, incorporating abundant gold leaves and elegant white flowers like roses and orchids. The dedication and effort we put into this design resulted in a cohesive and stunning theme! This event is famous for showcasing the best floral designers from Orange County and Los Angeles. Each of them picks up their table and makes it in a unique style. Kate Flowers LA created an unusual and unforgettable and unique floral design!

The event's purpose was to support the PTF Grant Enrichment Program and the St. Margaret's Library, fostering educational enrichment for the entire community.