How much does a bridal arch cost?
The price range for a wedding ceremony area decoration is highly dependent on various factors. It relies on the event location, the type of arch or structure selected (such as a gazebo or pergola), the size of the arch, the desired coverage, the choice of flowers (regular or more expensive varieties like orchids, peonies, ranunculus) and fabric dropping, if needed, as well as the width and height of the setup. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in determining the overall cost, making every detail significant in the final pricing.
Our average price range for the wedding ceremony decoration:
- the arch (8*5 feet) fully decorated with flowers or with flowers and greenery is between 1200-2000$,
- an arbor (wood or metal, 8*6 or 8*8) fully decorated with flowers or with flowers and greenery is between 1200-2800$,
- an arch or an arbor with fabric and 2 flower sprays (3-4 feet long) 600-800$,
- flower spray for customer's arch (2-4 feet long) 200-300$,
- wedding aisle ground arrengement 80-120$,
- chair bouquet for a wedding aisle 15-25$.
Opting for a ceremony setup with columns and flowers on top of tall vases is a great way to reduce expenses. This choice allows for the reuse of centerpieces after the ceremony, as they can be seamlessly incorporated into the reception decoration. The tall arrangement price range is 250-600$, and column/pillar rent is around 40$ each.
For oversized arches, gazebos, and other structures, we determine the price an an individual basis.