We took two Awords from Fleurs de Villes
We are thrilled to announce that Kate Flowers LA has received two prestigious awards from the international show Fleurs de Villes. Our exceptional work was recognized with the first-place honor by the professional jury, showcasing our expertise and artistic talent. In addition, we are incredibly grateful to the South Coast Plaza consumers who voted for us as the "Fan Favorite". These awards are a testament to our dedication and passion for floral design, and we are humbled by the recognition. Thank you to everyone who supported us in this incredible achievement!
As an assignment we had a picture of the iconic actress Grace Kelly, wearing beautiful blue dress. To achieve this made from flowers, we carefully selected blue delphinium, blue carnations, mums, blue roses, baby's breath and other flowers. To enhance its beauty, we created a palatine using dry bleached leaves. We made hair from dry grass and made a hairstyle. To create a mesmerizing scene, we positioned mannequin on a pillow from fresh flowers and place tall delphinium stems and cherry blossom branches behind, evoking the image of a mannequin staying in a middle of the garden, surrounded by trees and a green field. We made butterflies from dry grass and flowers and placed them around the mannequin. Every element was made of real materials, including fresh and dry flowers, as well as grass. The end result was truly stunning, capturing the essence of grace and nature in a unique and captivating way.